How To Take Inventory For Your Business

Why is taking inventory for your business important? It’s because you never know when a disaster may strike.  In the event your business is damaged be it water damage, roof damage, vandalism or other you must have a proper inventory ready of the items in your care.  This is especially important for recovery purposes when it comes time to file your claim, for insurance, and for tax purposes.

It’s imperative that you make sure you keep a current business inventory.  This will help you immensely.    You will want  to purchase enough to replace all business inventory pertaining to what you do.   This will also help speed up settlement of our claim.

When it comes to how to start the process of taking inventory for your business, you have a few options in this regard.  You can simply have someone make a list in a notebook saving receipts to support purchases and photos in a file.  Or  if you wish to invest in easy to use software that can automate of the details in the process there are many software programs you can purchase to create detailed, organized, accurate and up to date records of each item.   With the click of your mouse, you can easily update  lists that you purchase, replace or eliminate.  The benefit of an online or computer record is that it can be housed virtually and backed up in many cases. You can scan some receipts, take digital photos to be housed on a server, etc.

Where To Start

Don’t be put  off by the seemingly arduous task of taking inventory, especially if it is something that has not been done for a long time or in some cases years.   Take it one step at a time.  You will want to first decide on a the method in which to record your inventory (software, online, manually) Go office by office or  room by room.   Take it category by category such as creating categories for “furniture” and “electronics”.  Start with the newest pieces of furniture or  items to the oldest or you may start from the most expensive purchases to the less expensive ones.  Whichever suits you best.

Depending on the insurance coverage you have, some items may need to be insured separately such as Key players in your company and any cash you may be keeping in the office for petty purchases.


Be sure to have photographs that accompany your inventory list. This can be done easily with a digital camera.  If you have a film camera you can scan printed photographs or have their film developer save the images to a disk.  Print photographs can still be stored  with a copy of your inventory.

The List

Some items below can be listed by the room in which they are likely to be found.  If you have a large number of  purchases of one type of item such as books, CDs, miscellaneous items you can make a general estimate of how many you have and what  their estimated value may be.

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Business Vandalism

Did you know that graffiti is the most common type of property vandalism? Other types of vandalism include breaking windows, removing /defacing signage, as well as trash dumping from receptacles.

No doubt financial loss can occur from these acts of vandalism.  Vandalism is impossible to prevent, however  there are measures that businesses, schools and other organizations can take to help prevent this type of demoralization.

If you can understand when and where vandals typically strike then your strategy on prevention will be that much better.   Vandals usually strike during  late evening hours when it is dark and there is little or no surveillance around the property.   Like other crimes, if your  building has been vandalized once, chances are it will be vandalized again, if not repeatedly.

Here are some easy steps to follow towards prevention and minimizing occurrences of vandalism:

  • At end of the day, walk-through of the building to ensure everyone has left.
  • Lock all doors, windows and gates surrounding the property when leaving the building .  If a lock is broken, repair it immediately.
  • Install tamper-resistant hardware around doors and windows.
  • Have perimeter lighting around buildings installed.  Conserve electricity by placing lights on motion sensors.
  • Ensure that exterior lighting is in good working order, replacing burnt-out bulbs immediately.
  • Cut back dense trees and bushes next to the building. Remove tree branches below 7’ from trees adjacent to the building and keep shrubbery trimmed below 4’ to eliminate hiding places.
  • Make sure windows are visible from the street.
  • Keep a log of people entering and exiting the facilities.
  • Do not tag keys with the address of the building or any other identification that would be evident to an outsider.
  • Change or re-key locks once a key has been lost.

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Water Damage Cleanup

Be careful how you report water damage from a leaky toilet or backed-up septic to your insurance company. While you must be truthful, make sure you explain the situation using the most accurate language — or you could find your claim denied.

Most people would not say, “my wife says she kinda thinks she heard the toilet running for many days…so, she did not think it would cause a problem while we were away for the Labor Day Holiday!” But, SOME WOULD!”

Best advice is to call an adjuster right away to get help filing the claim…and using the terms that are correct to assure your coverage is not limited.”