What To Look For In A Good Public Adjuster & What Is A Public Adjuster

While there are claims of what public adjusters can do for you, today we will also mention a bit about what they can’t do.   Public Adjusters can speed up claims processing and coordinate crucial services related to property restoration.  However, they cannot wave a wand and instantly solve all your problems immediately.  Certain aspects related to your claim may take more time than maybe Sara Jo’s claim, depending on the type of claim.  A public adjuster will save you valuable time and the chances of a claim filed by an adjuster as opposed to an individual tend to be much higher.  At the same time, there is no honest guarantee that the claim will be approved.  There are several elements of criteria that are used as assessment in your claim.  Because these factors vary from one spectrum to the other, processing time will also.  Victims of property damage  can get easily bombarded with the stress of trying to recover and reclaim balance after building damage,  fire damage, water damage, roof damage, or any other types of damage that befalls property owners such as vandalism.  That is where a public adjuster would help.  A good public adjuster can be a blessing in disguise or just another headache to the list.  The first thing you will want to do is make sure that he or she is licensed.  Licenses differ from state to state. You will want to make sure that the public adjuster is licensed for your state.  Adjusters can practice across multiple states but they will need a license for each state to do so.  Make sure your personal public adjuster is licensed and up to speed on the adjusting laws in your state.
It is important for public adjusters to not only be licensed but they should also have a level of computer competency.  He or she does not have to be a tech wiz but they should know their way around basic programs such as MS Word and how to do a simple search online.  In the world of technology there is information and transactions online that happen between insurance carriers.  Having  basic computer knowledge will go far in this regard.

Go with your instincts.  If your insurance adjuster seems that he/she can’t explain the process to you, is too pushy to get you to sign with him, or you feel unsure, you are probably are right.  Keep looking.  Public adjusters are business owner and property owner advocates.  You want someone sensitive to your issues and needs.  You also want someone who will efficiently handle your claims and work fast to get you what you need.

Important questions to ask:

  • What is the first step once we sign with you?
  • What type of delays should I expect?
  • How quickly will my claim be filed?
  • What is the average time frame to expect a settlement (nothing is in stone as each case is different, but if you know your adjuster has an idea, this can be helpful)
  • Who will be my point of contact for updates, etc. Is it you?
  • How soon (or often) will someone follow up with me?
  • Will I be kept abreast of changes in my case? If so, how? US Postal Mail, Email, phone?

A public adjuster should have keen information related to insurance claims help request such as what will be the estimate cost required to recover from physical damage, cost to build up a new roof, or any to the property for which a claim is being made. A public  adjuster’s job is to become the bridge between the insurance holder and the insurance firm. A public adjuster acts  on your behalf to carry out work from start to  finish until you, the owner, gets the appropriate claim amount. Many states keep regular test to renew the license so that the adjuster is equipped to handle the entire situation coming in the insurance industry.

Public adjusters can really make their value felt by the time the owner is saved as well as the insight that only adjusters have in dealing with insurance companies.   If you have sustained damage to your office building, are a victim of vandalism, or your home property has been devastated, things like relocation, and property restoration are things that can be overwhelming to set up.  Not to mention, you will still have to worry about your insurance carrier of whom I assure will try to undervalue your damage to their benefit.

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Roofing Damage & Insurance Claims Filing Tips

Whenever anyone owns a residence or building property one can rarely predict when damaging weather and/or natural disasters will hit.  However when misfortune does hit many can be thankful for the insurance policy coverage they have as well as  the accessibility involving roofing insurance plan claims for weather damages.  On the outskirts submitting your bid to receive coverage for the damages you have sustained may seem simple.  What could be easier?  All one need do is simply tell the insurance company of your loss and that you would like to collect on it. Easy right? WRONG.

First off, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding as to what the insurance policy covers with regards your roof.  You must find out whether the complete replacement of the roof will be covered? Will it cover for roof replacement on a pro-rated basis? And don’t forget about the deductible.  What that amount is, is  important.

If you live in a region where the environment is known for harsh climates, flooding or even tornadoes, your policy should be distinctly defined.  Because these elements can actually bring forth severe destruction, a policy should have a clearly defined  policy to include roof damages that are covered by your insurance policy.

Many property owners of whom have suffered extensive property damage to their residence or commercial building have discovered all too late that their insurance policy did not contain roofing insurance claims when it comes to weather damage.  Be sure you are properly covered ahead of time depending on the region you reside.  You will save many problems related your roofing damage.

There are other times when the need to repair a roof may arise due to incomplete or incompetent repair work.  Roof damage could also be due to wear and tear of the elements and are now in need of repair to that area of the property.  This is expected.  Be sure there is a provision  in your insurance policy for this too.

If you or someone you know has had damage to their roof, business property, or anywhere in their home, your first course of action is get in touch with a professional.  Many call their insurance carrier.  But as many can tell you, this is not where to start.   Of course, if there is a situation where your life is in danger then take all measures to safeguard yourself first.  You will want to call in restoration and clean up services if there is water damage such as flooding.  In the event of roof damage, you may have to leave and seek accommodations at a hotel.   Once you are in safety, and have taken care of preventing further damage to your home, you will want to call a public adjuster.

A public adjuster can help in a plethora of ways.  First they serve as a second opinion to the damage obtained.  They can handle all claim filing such as the tedious phone calls, voicemails, being on hold to speak with a live person and all other related tasks necessary to file a claim.  In the meantime, you can worry about what is important and focus on recovering and go about your daily activities.  We at Priority Adjuster do just this.  We know the talk and the process so you don’t have to worry about getting taken by your carrier.  We fight to get you claim the highest payout and because we are skillfully trained and knowledgeable in the field your chances of claim approval are much much higher.

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What Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want You To Know

If you think the insurance company’s adjuster is your umbrella on that rainy day of property damage, think again.  If you know anyone who has had to deal with their  insurance company or have ever noticed on the news some of the outrageous way policy holders get railroaded then you are not doubt familiar with the need to get an independent advocate on your side.  However, if not, please read on….

Roofing damage, flooding, fire damage, and electrical fires to name a few, are all things that can take years off your life in stress especially if this happens to the home you live in.  One can only imagine the height of emotion and how easily one can be overwhelmed when substantial loss is involved.   Many people who have suffered property damage of some sort where a claims filing is necessary quickly realize that their insurance company is not really their best friend in this part of the process.  Unfortunately, many realize the contrary far too late  -once they are already in the process of obtaining recovery for damages.  Policyholders often say they feel that they are  at the mercy of their insurance adjuster’s opinion.  This can be especially worrisome since he will be the one handling calculations of the damage value(s).   Policy holders often get the short end of the stick because the fact is the adjuster is employed by and represents the company he works for,  NOT you.

You DO have options!  If you are not happy with a small settlement and you feel it does not adequately cover your loss you have at least three choices.  1) You can hire a public adjuster who will fight for your claim damages.  2) You can hire an appraiser to help validate your claim for damages or 3) You can go the more expensive route and hire an attorney.

The best option for one in this situation is to hire a public adjuster.  A public adjuster can help you with getting the settlement you deserve.  Many times insurance companies will treat a claim much more serious when they know an experienced public adjuster with knowledge is involved.  There are many terms and procedures that in itself can overwhelm a policy holder trying to file a claim on their own.  Why delay struggling to  learn the industry just to handle your claim when you can hire a public adjuster who can start on your claim right away.  A public adjuster fights to get you what your valuables are truly worth.  They fight to get you top dollar.  A public adjuster will come out help document and assess damages if involved in early stages and can assist in the coordination of restoration and other repair services that need to be made to your commercial or residential property.

The earlier you get a public adjuster involved, the faster your claim can be processed by knowledgeable hands, and the better the result of the settlement overall.  Priority Adjusters does just this and will help you through the process every step of the way.