Malibu Fires & Fire Damage Prevention For Summer Seasons

Fire damage may not be avoidable during hot weather, but there are definite measures to reduce or stop spread quickly as well as things you, your family, and your employees can do to ensure quick and safe evacuation with minimal loss possible. This was outlined at a recent expo designed to help bring awareness and preparedness to the citizens of Malibu as covered by The Malibu Times.

Recently at the Malibu’s Emergency Preparedness Expo representatives from various other emergency management departments discuss wildfire and tsunami preparedness. There was a great and important message shared on how to prepare and respond to natural disasters.

As most Californians know, wildfire season is around the corner. It was interesting to note The Malibu Times reported.  The Malibu Times mentioned that a group of experts gathered at Malibu City Hall to give insights as to their knowledge and experience on the city.  Also in attendance was The Los Angeles County Fire Department, California Emergency Management Agency to raise awareness of the threat of natural disasters.

The awareness of the potential severity and extensive damage that a wildfire could bring was one of the main points that were brought to the forefront of the discussion.  When an outbreak of wildfire has occurred it is of the utmost importance that evacuation warnings are given early considering the number of narrow roads in Malibu was what was featured.  A chief from the LA County Fire Department pointed to that fact being the reason for traffic delays. He also mentioned that in the Corral Canyon Fire, 4,900 acres burned and six firefighters were injured.  The chief also cited a 2003 incident in San Diego where a large number of civilians died due to being stuck on roads while trying to evacuate who got caught in smoke, fire and heat.  The chief went on to mention a little known fact that impacts vehicles trying to evacuate at later stages of a wildfire.  Smoke causes the driver to lose their visibility, while the fire and the heat impact how the vehicle will work.  Many do not realize that the combustion in the engine needs oxygen to work, so if the “fire is consuming the oxygen –the vehicle will stall” as stated by Chief Anthony Williams of the LACFD.
The LACFD created a “Ready, Set, Go” personal wildfire action plan.  A presentation was given with information about how families can properly create a disaster plan, evacuation checklist, and be sure to evacuate in time.  LACFD advocated the need for safeguarding a home so that the chances of rapid fire affecting the home are low, that areas of potential hazard in the home are dealt with and do not block quick evacuation. Areas such as roofs, eaves, vents, walls, windows and door were outlined.

The bottom line for families attempting to safeguard their home without survival equipment or training as Chief Williams stated is “a recipe for disaster”. Placing value where value truly lies was emphasized.  Homes and material things can be replaced.  People can’t be so don’t risk your loved ones to anything else.

References to prepare your home or office for fire damage:

1)      To obtain the Ready, Set, Go program and wildfire preparedness go online to the L.A. County Fire Department Website:


2)      The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is a great resource for information on fire protection:


3)      The California Emergency Management Agency provides information on emergency preparedness as well:


4)      If you suffer from fire damage and need help recovering from loss and restoring damage areas you can also contact Priority Adjusters, public adjusters in Ca