Public Adjusters Are Not Attorneys | Why Property Damage Attorneys Call Us

Public Adjuster vs. Property Damage Attorney

Yes, its true.  Public adjusters fight for you, the property owner, when you need an advocate for Big Insurance.  There is great benefit and value that goes into hiring a public adjuster especially in terms of cost efficiency.  However, public adjusters are not attorneys.   So why do property damage attorneys always end up calling us?  I’ll tell you why.

Many attorneys say they can handle these matters.  However the fact is, that these attorneys will usually refer out your claim to a public adjuster.  An attorney is well versed in the law.  The attorney will not travel to a burnt or water damaged office building or home with a flashlight and tools to detail all the damage and assess loss.  No, that is what the public adjusters do.  Attorneys often hire experts  on property damage such as a public adjusting firm.  All public adjusters are licensed tested & bonded.  Public adjusters also have networks and contracts with estimators with years of building/property experience to evaluate the damages. When handling business income losses it is important to have accountants on hand which is another department we have on staff. There are a plethora of experts that public adjusters incorporate into the day to day mediation with insurance companies.

There is a great respect to be had  for property damage attorneys, nor am I discounting their benefit, but from experience we find that many attorneys are simply not experienced enough to handle these types of matters in comparison to public adjusters.  Public adjusters understand how to apply building code to occurrences of fire or water damage.

Today, fire claims are becoming more complicated and demanding.   Insurance companies are fighting harder than ever to keep claims low.  When you have property damage adjuster, you want an experienced public adjuster on your side for this very purpose. We offer a