Fire Damage Insurance Help

Most property owners are not familiar with the complexities of insurance policies and the legal and technical aspects of a fire damage insurance claim.

After Fire Damage… Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my insurance pay for temporary housing or business relocation?
  2. Should I sign a contract with a repair contractor right away?
  3. How can I get my personal property damage – beyond the structure damage – claim paid fairly?
  4. What notices must I give?
  5. What constitutes  “Proof of Loss” and what are my contractual “Duties after a Loss”?
  6. What is Actual Cash Value (“ACV”) versus Replacement Cost Value (“RCV”)?
  7. Do I have Extended Coverage, Business Loss Coverage and Consequential Loss Coverage?
  8. Do I have mold coverage and how do I test and remediate?
  9. Will my policy cover restorations that meet new building codes?
  10. What does it mean to mitigate my damages?
  11. What are my duties under the policy?
  12. Will I be covered should theft or vandalism occur following the fire?
  13. Will my vehicles be covered if damaged or destroyed by the fire?

14.  How do I assess if my insurance company is cheating me, underpaying or wrongfully denying parts of  my claim?

These are important questions that usually come up  after a covered Fire Loss. The important answer to all of these questions is “You don’t have to know – we do”!

Priority Adjusters, California’s premier Public Adjuster, is ready to help.

When you experience any physical damage to your home, or other insurance related damages, make us your first line of defense.