Building Damage

Building damage can range from minor accidents to rather extensive damage.  It can be quite a headache to deal with and  prevent further damage, maintain business processes, and claim recovery for your loss if you are not familiar with all these elements or even how to document your damage for insurance once it has occurred.  There can be many forms to assess building damage required.  Also required by your insurance and most law enforcement agencies are pictures of building damage due to whatever may be the cause.  There are building damage assessment tools that can help you better document damages to the building.   However, in emergency situations, emergency management and control is crucial.  Where and how are some of the common ways building damage can happen? It can come during construction work, renovations, general maintenance, natural disasters or through accidents.   Not uncommon are instances where a gas main explosion outside your building can cause major damage to your office. In minor incidents of damage the building may need to be inspected by engineers/maintenance employees to  make sure that it is safe to return to or continue working in or around the damage that has been sustained.

In urgent situations where damage is extensive and emergency care is required you first want to make sure of potential hazards that could extend the depth of damages such as the occurrence of major earthquakes, massive collisions, etc.  In such events you will want to make sure that the electricity, gas, and water is turned off.   Check for gas and/or fuel leaks. You will want to also and most importantly check for any injuries that have been sustained by you or your office staff, and tend to them.  Apply first aid measures immediately as needed, and be sure not to move seriously injured persons unless there is an immediate danger.  Have someone check for broken pipes, water sewage, etc.   You will want to check for cracks, building damage both to exterior and interior structures.  In the event of strong earthquakes you will want to prepare for aftershocks and be sure to stay calm.

Once you have made sure of the obvious you will want to recover from your loss.  Check your insurance policy and if you need help we are here for you.  We will help coordinate restoration services, adjuster visits, and more.  Amidst all the problems you may be going through during an occurrence of building damage, it can be quite disheartening to know that dealing with your insurance company could turn into additional headache.  We alleviate that by acting on your behalf .  We file claims and offer the second opinion you need and get your claim approved with the highest payout possible.   Read here to see whats involved in filing a claim and why you need a public adjuster.

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