Business Vandalism

Did you know that graffiti is the most common type of property vandalism? Other types of vandalism include breaking windows, removing /defacing signage, as well as trash dumping from receptacles.

No doubt financial loss can occur from these acts of vandalism.  Vandalism is impossible to prevent, however  there are measures that businesses, schools and other organizations can take to help prevent this type of demoralization.

If you can understand when and where vandals typically strike then your strategy on prevention will be that much better.   Vandals usually strike during  late evening hours when it is dark and there is little or no surveillance around the property.   Like other crimes, if your  building has been vandalized once, chances are it will be vandalized again, if not repeatedly.

Here are some easy steps to follow towards prevention and minimizing occurrences of vandalism:

  • At end of the day, walk-through of the building to ensure everyone has left.
  • Lock all doors, windows and gates surrounding the property when leaving the building .  If a lock is broken, repair it immediately.
  • Install tamper-resistant hardware around doors and windows.
  • Have perimeter lighting around buildings installed.  Conserve electricity by placing lights on motion sensors.
  • Ensure that exterior lighting is in good working order, replacing burnt-out bulbs immediately.
  • Cut back dense trees and bushes next to the building. Remove tree branches below 7’ from trees adjacent to the building and keep shrubbery trimmed below 4’ to eliminate hiding places.
  • Make sure windows are visible from the street.
  • Keep a log of people entering and exiting the facilities.
  • Do not tag keys with the address of the building or any other identification that would be evident to an outsider.
  • Change or re-key locks once a key has been lost.

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Roofing Damage & Insurance Claims Filing Tips

Whenever anyone owns a residence or building property one can rarely predict when damaging weather and/or natural disasters will hit.  However when misfortune does hit many can be thankful for the insurance policy coverage they have as well as  the accessibility involving roofing insurance plan claims for weather damages.  On the outskirts submitting your bid to receive coverage for the damages you have sustained may seem simple.  What could be easier?  All one need do is simply tell the insurance company of your loss and that you would like to collect on it. Easy right? WRONG.

First off, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding as to what the insurance policy covers with regards your roof.  You must find out whether the complete replacement of the roof will be covered? Will it cover for roof replacement on a pro-rated basis? And don’t forget about the deductible.  What that amount is, is  important.

If you live in a region where the environment is known for harsh climates, flooding or even tornadoes, your policy should be distinctly defined.  Because these elements can actually bring forth severe destruction, a policy should have a clearly defined  policy to include roof damages that are covered by your insurance policy.

Many property owners of whom have suffered extensive property damage to their residence or commercial building have discovered all too late that their insurance policy did not contain roofing insurance claims when it comes to weather damage.  Be sure you are properly covered ahead of time depending on the region you reside.  You will save many problems related your roofing damage.

There are other times when the need to repair a roof may arise due to incomplete or incompetent repair work.  Roof damage could also be due to wear and tear of the elements and are now in need of repair to that area of the property.  This is expected.  Be sure there is a provision  in your insurance policy for this too.

If you or someone you know has had damage to their roof, business property, or anywhere in their home, your first course of action is get in touch with a professional.  Many call their insurance carrier.  But as many can tell you, this is not where to start.   Of course, if there is a situation where your life is in danger then take all measures to safeguard yourself first.  You will want to call in restoration and clean up services if there is water damage such as flooding.  In the event of roof damage, you may have to leave and seek accommodations at a hotel.   Once you are in safety, and have taken care of preventing further damage to your home, you will want to call a public adjuster.

A public adjuster can help in a plethora of ways.  First they serve as a second opinion to the damage obtained.  They can handle all claim filing such as the tedious phone calls, voicemails, being on hold to speak with a live person and all other related tasks necessary to file a claim.  In the meantime, you can worry about what is important and focus on recovering and go about your daily activities.  We at Priority Adjuster do just this.  We know the talk and the process so you don’t have to worry about getting taken by your carrier.  We fight to get you claim the highest payout and because we are skillfully trained and knowledgeable in the field your chances of claim approval are much much higher.

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Hollywood Hills Fire Damage

Fire damage to a property is never a good experience.  Dependant on the amount of damage that the fire produces, it can be utterly devastating.  Many times unique and vintage heirlooms, various mementos, photos that serve as reminders of  priceless moments in life, and other irreplaceable items can be obliterated in seconds when a serious fire hits.  But when life is lost as a result of a fire it can send a blow to many simultaneously like no other.

That was recently the case with the Hollywood Hills Fire that hit a newly built mansion about one month ago in Hollywood Hills.  The mansion was slated be used for filming and shoots. The mansion was built for the next season of Heidi Klum’s reality show, Germany’s Next Top Model.  One issue that was raised was how swiftly the fire spread and how that relates to the details of the actual construction of the property.  Questions have been raised as to how swiftly the structure was put up.  Neighbors say they were amazed at how quickly the mansion was built.  Hollywood Hills neighbors reported that the three-story, 13,000 square foot mansion construction began at the end of Summer and finished before the Christmas holiday.  Whether or not the building was up to code is being investigated as a possible cause or contributor to the devastating fire that ensued.

As the fire blazed, a roof collapsed injuring six firefighters inside. One of those firefighters, was found on the scene not breathing when he was cut free of the wreckage. That firefighter, unfortunately died later.  Many condolences go out to the family and colleagues he left behind.

Fire damage can never be taken for granted.  One can never be certain as to the extent of damage one may sustain.  If you have experienced fire to your commercial building or residential home it is dire that you contact a professional who can make sure that you receive the proper settlement from your policy.  While some things will not be able to be replaced, there are many other things that can.  Many times the owner who tries to file the claim him/herself does not realize that he/she could have already potentially denied their claim by making very simple mistakes.  A public adjuster will also serve as the much needed second opinion in order to get the full amount from your policy approved.

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Hollywood Fire Damage In The Synagogue

Building owners can never be to sure of the dangers that lurk. All the security in the world cannot guarantee that nothing will happen. Fire damage is a danger that can be prevalent at any time posed by anyone. But you may say, that is what insurance is for.  However, dealing with insurance companies can be entirely a different story. Check out this horrible incident that happened at a Synagogue in the Hollywood area.

Not more than a few days ago a transient set fire to the second floor of Temple Israel of Hollywood. Police are searching for a suspect for this fire in a prominent Hollywood synagogue. It has been ruled and identified as arson.

The fire damage is one that Los Angeles Fire Department has identified to be caused by arson. The fire was set in a classroom on the second floor of Temple Israel of Hollywood early on April 14. The suspect was caught on a security camera which so far is believed to be a neighborhood transient that frequents the area as stated by The Los Angeles Times.

Police say they have no reason to investigate the incident as a hate crime. Although, though Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge called it a hate crime, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal reported.

One week prior to this incident Santa Monica Chabad center and synagogue was targeted with a pipe bomb. A suspect in that incident was arrested in connection with that case.

If you or someone you know has sustained fire damage in Hollywood it is important that you get the right help at the onset of your claim. You can call Priority Adjusters 24hrs a day to get the questions you need answered. Remember, it is important to get help as soon as the incident occurs as opposed to after. This small detail can be detrimental to how your claim is processed or if it is approved or denied.

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What Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want You To Know

If you think the insurance company’s adjuster is your umbrella on that rainy day of property damage, think again.  If you know anyone who has had to deal with their  insurance company or have ever noticed on the news some of the outrageous way policy holders get railroaded then you are not doubt familiar with the need to get an independent advocate on your side.  However, if not, please read on….

Roofing damage, flooding, fire damage, and electrical fires to name a few, are all things that can take years off your life in stress especially if this happens to the home you live in.  One can only imagine the height of emotion and how easily one can be overwhelmed when substantial loss is involved.   Many people who have suffered property damage of some sort where a claims filing is necessary quickly realize that their insurance company is not really their best friend in this part of the process.  Unfortunately, many realize the contrary far too late  -once they are already in the process of obtaining recovery for damages.  Policyholders often say they feel that they are  at the mercy of their insurance adjuster’s opinion.  This can be especially worrisome since he will be the one handling calculations of the damage value(s).   Policy holders often get the short end of the stick because the fact is the adjuster is employed by and represents the company he works for,  NOT you.

You DO have options!  If you are not happy with a small settlement and you feel it does not adequately cover your loss you have at least three choices.  1) You can hire a public adjuster who will fight for your claim damages.  2) You can hire an appraiser to help validate your claim for damages or 3) You can go the more expensive route and hire an attorney.

The best option for one in this situation is to hire a public adjuster.  A public adjuster can help you with getting the settlement you deserve.  Many times insurance companies will treat a claim much more serious when they know an experienced public adjuster with knowledge is involved.  There are many terms and procedures that in itself can overwhelm a policy holder trying to file a claim on their own.  Why delay struggling to  learn the industry just to handle your claim when you can hire a public adjuster who can start on your claim right away.  A public adjuster fights to get you what your valuables are truly worth.  They fight to get you top dollar.  A public adjuster will come out help document and assess damages if involved in early stages and can assist in the coordination of restoration and other repair services that need to be made to your commercial or residential property.

The earlier you get a public adjuster involved, the faster your claim can be processed by knowledgeable hands, and the better the result of the settlement overall.  Priority Adjusters does just this and will help you through the process every step of the way.

Commercial Property Damage Around The World

Property damage has recently become a constant topic not just regionally, but globally.  No doubt you have either heard, read, or someone has been talking about the  massive earthquake that struck Darfield, New Zealand about 6 months ago on September 4, 2010.  The earthquake registered at a 7.1 magnitude.  Fortunately, there were not many houses that were not built with reinforced construction, so many fatalities were avoided due this precautionary measure.  Aftershocks continued for weeks on with the more notable and most recent 6.3 earthquake to that area which caused much damage to Christchurch, New Zealand.  They were not as fortunate as Darfield and did result in more fatalities and more property damage with several buildings that totally collapsed last month on February 22.  The structural damage caused is estimated from about $1.5 Billion to $2.5 Billion, U.S..  Not much later  (only 5 days later to be exact) Chile then had an earthquake that registerered at 8.8 on the Richter scale which is one of the strongest ever recorded in history before Japan’s quake.  That quake in Chile also triggered a Tsunami.  Then, on March 11 , Japan is hit with an 8.9 magnitude which is the the world’s fifth-largest since 1900 and the biggest in Japan in 140 years, also triggering a Tsunami extending to  the Pacific Ocean which extended to Hawaii bringing the Tsunami not only there but also to the West Coast which turned into high waves by the time it got to California’s coast lines.  This quake was so powerful that it  actually moved Asia several inches closer to the United States and much of Asia’s fish were swept to Mexico’s shores and fishing streams, which is  huge to say the least.

Now, while these events are all worrisome and devastating the question has come up…who’s paying for all of this? If you are a Californian you have no doubt had concerns about the likelihood of a quake coming to California as well.  If you have not obtained property earthquake insurance and the important riders necessary for aspects of damage your main policy may not cover, it is very important that you do so now.   The New Zealand risk management group, Risk Management Solutions (RMS)  said the estimate above does “cover damage to property – residential (including the losses covered by the Earthquake Commission and excess), commercial and industrial – as well as contents and motor. Fortunately New Zealand has stable companies in place to help cover the millions and billions needed for repair, but they cannot cover it all.  The Earthquake Commission is covering the residential portions.  However,  RMS’ estimate does not include losses resulting from damage to infrastructure and public buildings or to uninsured property which will obviously pose another problem.  Private business will also suffer greatly, no doubt.

Priority Adjusters is a fast growing public adjusting firm that deals in all types of commercial property damage, industrial damages, water flood damages and more.  Call or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment with one of the best Public Adjusters in California.  Consultations are always free. Priority Adjusters fights for you to get you the settlement payment you deserve when damages occur.

Filing A Property Damage Claim

Public Adjuster Image

Do you have property damageBusiness property damage, commercial property damage, industrial property damage, and even home property damage is something no one or corporation is ever totally exempt from.  Natural disasters happen. Things eventually wear out and break down over time.  Vandalism and theft happens.  This is one of the many reasons property owners and homeowners purchase insurance.

If your home, business or industrial property has been affected by property damage or especially  water damage, many try to sort through all of the confusion themselves often settling for less without knowing there is someone to help.  If you have found yourself in a situation where you have sustained damage to your property, a Public Adjuster is the first person you need to speak with.  Why?

First, let’s go over some of what is involved when damages occur.  You will need to contact an emergency contractor.  Before the contractor arrives you will need to take lots of pictures and give an extensive account of all details you observe from the damage, so write everything down!

You will need to go back over your insurance policy to ascertain what is and is not covered.  Some types of property damage is not covered by all insurance so you will need to make sure of which policy covers the specific damages you have sustained, and proceed according to the proper contact(s).  It is not uncommon for some types of insurance to require a rider.

Next you will have to make many phone calls and in many cases wait on hold for an extended amount of time, deal with voicemails, no call backs, and run arounds to name a few.  Also, be expected to receive low-ball offers from the insurance company once the claim is filed and processed.  Be wary of these.  Many will offer you a partial check that states in legal terms that by expecting the low payment that you are agreeing to payment in full by cashing that check, so be careful!  However, there is no need become any more frazzled then you may already be from the damage.  A Public Adjuster will not only file your claim, get processing underway, but also assist in coordinating any contractors that need to be involved as well as other aspects of your case.  This is our specialty. We will advise you on all aspects of your damages and claim. We work hard to not only get you a quick payment, but on average it is much higher than anything the policyholder would receive on their own.

Here at Priority Adjusters, we have the experience and education in dealing with insurance so there are no missteps.  We are  highly trained  as to how to report claims so that it gets open and filed right away.  A Public Adjuster does not get paid until you do, so there is no reason not to give us a call.  For more info you may contact us here.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water Damage Insurance Hotline:

Hi, I’m John Morgenstern, President of Priority Adjusters, the premier Public Adjuster in California. You know, Water Damage is one of the most common claims on homeowner’s policies. Almost every day we get questions from clients like:

“John, I guess the cold water hose to my washing machine broke and water ran all through the laundry room and out into the hall. Will my insurance company blame me for not replacing the hose periodically?”

“John, our city sewer backed-up! It’s a mess. Do I contact the city or contact my insurance company to pay for the clean-up?”

“John, my roof leaked during yesterday’s storm. The wall by the fireplace is soaked? Should I call a contractor? Do I need to call my insurance company first? Will they call the contractor?”

My advice? – be careful how you report water damage to your insurer. While you must be truthful, of course, make sure you explain the situation with the right language. For example, don’t use the word “flood”. That may not be covered at all, while Water Damage from a sewer line or from a leaking pipe may be covered”.

You should call me right away to get help notifying your insurer and filing your claim…and for help using the correct terms to assure coverage is not limited or delayed.

Water Damage Insurance Hotline:

Public Adjuster Explained

Public Adjuster Insurance Hotline:

Hi, I’m John Morgenstern, President of Priority Adjusters, the premier Public Adjuster in California.

You want your own attorney to advise you in legal matters. You want your own tax advisor to advise you in tax matters. You want your own Realtor to represent you in real estate transactions. You want your financial advisor to advise you on investments that are right for you.

In the same way, you’ll want a Public Adjuster to represent you in major insurance claims from losses of any kind.

Public Adjusters advocate on your behalf. They are intimately familiar with the coverage afforded by your policy AND with local building requirements AND with local building costs for labor and materials. They are involved in such claims every working day and use that experience to your advantage. They are unabashedly on YOUR side – with no allegiance to your insurance company.

Public adjusters perform five primary functions for you. They:

1. Review insurance policy coverage to insure up-to-date and complete reasonable coverage is in place

2. Coordinate emergency repairs and cleanup and advise on covered temporary accommodations

3. Suggest strategies for reducing damages

4. Recommend appropriate action to return your building or home to its pre-loss and current code-compliant condition

5. Ensure that you get a fair, reasonable and complete settlement – (fair, reasonable and complete from YOUR perspective, that is!)

In this complex and litigious world, a Public Adjuster, like your CPA, Attorney, Realtor and Financial Advisor, is a valuable member of your team.

Public Adjuster Insurance Hotline: