What Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want You To Know

If you think the insurance company’s adjuster is your umbrella on that rainy day of property damage, think again.  If you know anyone who has had to deal with their  insurance company or have ever noticed on the news some of the outrageous way policy holders get railroaded then you are not doubt familiar with the need to get an independent advocate on your side.  However, if not, please read on….

Roofing damage, flooding, fire damage, and electrical fires to name a few, are all things that can take years off your life in stress especially if this happens to the home you live in.  One can only imagine the height of emotion and how easily one can be overwhelmed when substantial loss is involved.   Many people who have suffered property damage of some sort where a claims filing is necessary quickly realize that their insurance company is not really their best friend in this part of the process.  Unfortunately, many realize the contrary far too late  -once they are already in the process of obtaining recovery for damages.  Policyholders often say they feel that they are  at the mercy of their insurance adjuster’s opinion.  This can be especially worrisome since he will be the one handling calculations of the damage value(s).   Policy holders often get the short end of the stick because the fact is the adjuster is employed by and represents the company he works for,  NOT you.

You DO have options!  If you are not happy with a small settlement and you feel it does not adequately cover your loss you have at least three choices.  1) You can hire a public adjuster who will fight for your claim damages.  2) You can hire an appraiser to help validate your claim for damages or 3) You can go the more expensive route and hire an attorney.

The best option for one in this situation is to hire a public adjuster.  A public adjuster can help you with getting the settlement you deserve.  Many times insurance companies will treat a claim much more serious when they know an experienced public adjuster with knowledge is involved.  There are many terms and procedures that in itself can overwhelm a policy holder trying to file a claim on their own.  Why delay struggling to  learn the industry just to handle your claim when you can hire a public adjuster who can start on your claim right away.  A public adjuster fights to get you what your valuables are truly worth.  They fight to get you top dollar.  A public adjuster will come out help document and assess damages if involved in early stages and can assist in the coordination of restoration and other repair services that need to be made to your commercial or residential property.

The earlier you get a public adjuster involved, the faster your claim can be processed by knowledgeable hands, and the better the result of the settlement overall.  Priority Adjusters does just this and will help you through the process every step of the way.