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“Water damage insurance claims can be among the most challenging,” said John Morgenstern, President or Priority Adjusters Inc. “Many insurance policies are a minefield of exclusions and exceptions that can easily result in a complete claim denial – zero money for the homeowner or commerical proporty owner.”

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We all know water is critical to sustaining life on our planet. Most of us are aware of its awesome and terrifying power in nature:

  • Natural Wonders: Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls (formed by Glaciers and water)
  • Hurricane Katriana
  • Sumatra Tsunami in 2004

Water damage settlement tipsNow imagine that incredible force unleashed on your home or business property. Anyone who ever returned home to be greeted by a gush of water very quickly came to appreciate the enormously destructive power of something as simple as a toilet overflow, broken dishwasher hose or burst pipe.

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Did you know that drywall actually draws water up the wall? It’s true, an inch of standing water can require the complete replacement of drywall as high as 12-24 inches above the water (and of course that includes all the walls)! Water damaged clothing and furniture is most often completely lost. Think you might be able to refinish and repair wood flooring? Extremely unlikely.

The bottom line is after water damage property owners often face enormous repair bills and enormous obstacles to a fair water damage insurance settlement.

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Water Damage Insurance & Public Adjusters

RE: A personal message from Priority Adjuster President John Morgenstern:

Dear Property Owner,

Simply put, my job is to help folks like you – property owners. My expertise is in putting an accurate dollar value on your property loss. I work for you, only. I have zero ties with Big Insurance. I fight for you.

Your insurance company pays another adjuster to work on its behalf – these are called insurance adjusters or ‘independent’ adjusters (misleading, to say the least). So called independent adjusters and insurance adjusters are paid by insurance companies. Perhaps worse, many are unlicensed and inexperienced. Their job is often to justify the smallest possible settlement for you.

I am a State licensed professional Public Adjuster. I have logged more than 20,000 hours negotiating with Big Insurance. My expertise is determining how much you rightfully deserve. I achieve an accurate settlement by comprehensively documenting your claim, aided by experts in construction, labor and law.

You probably have enough to deal with right now. Part of my job includes the preparation of building damage assessment reports, creating estimates, building inventory lists and documenting your other losses. I handle all the tedious tasks of compiling and filing claims – as required by your insurance policies. The same is true for all negotiations with your insurance company, consider it done.

I hope this information has been helpful. I look forward to discussing the specifics of your situation – no obligation or cost. With so much at stake I urge you to call me now at 800-602-9915(24/7). If possible, I’ll answer your call myself.

Your ‘Top Gun’ Public Insurance Adjuster,

California Public Adjuster

John Morgenstern
Because you deserve more…

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