Unmasked: What is a Public Adjuster?

Unsure exactly what a Public Adjuster does? Wondering whether you need a Public Adjuster? Rest assured you are far from alone in your limited knowledge of the critical but little known job of Public Adjuster.

Public adjusters perform five primary functions for property owners:

  1. Review insurance policy coverage to insure up-to-date and complete reasonable coverage is in place
  2. Coordinate emergency repairs and cleanup and advise on covered temporary accommodations
  3. Suggest strategies for reducing damages
  4. Recommend appropriate  action to return your building or home to its pre-loss and current code-compliant condition
  5. Ensure that you get a fair, reasonable and complete settlement
    (fair, reasonable and complete from YOUR perspective, that is!)

 Many property owners assume that their general coverage offered by the local insurnace sales agent is appropriate for  them – even though most people choose their coverage based solely on price.  Prior to a property loss price can seem very important. However, after a fire loss, flood loss (including backed-up sewer or septic), or earthquake loss it becomes absolutely critical to have the right coverage in place. The financial risks are obvious, less obvious is the emotional energy required to cope under stress.

And of course, there is the inconvenience and massive life distruption:

The kids still need to get to school on time.  Your wife still requires a bathroom for minimum of 45 minutes each morning. And your boss may cut you some slack, but that big presentation for which you have been preparing? Well, someone still has to deliver that presentation! (In other words, life continues at breakneck speed – despite your disaster)! 

 An independent review of your coverage (independent of sales commissions) is smart.

 When damage is done, you are faced with all the contingencies of temporary relocation and accommodations. A Public Adjuster on your side is god-send when it comes to orchestrating the myriad clean-up efforts, including secure, repair, demolition and reconstruction efforts.

Property owners typically have problems  documenting and valuing damaged property. It is essential to have a trained, experienced advocate to make sure you do not miss a single item and that all restoration is current code-compliant for safety, aesthetics and ADA regulations. 

Most important of all, Public Adjusters advocate on your behalf. They are intimately familiar with the coverage afforded by your policy AND with local building requirements AND with local building costs for labor and materials.  They are involved in such claims every working day and wield that familiarity to your advantage.

A Public Adjuster is unabashedly on YOUR side as they have no allegiance to your insurance company, or anyone else.

In this complex and litigious world, a Public Adjuster is a valuable member of your team, like your CPA, Attorney, Realtor and Insurance Agent.