Palmdale fire: Commercial & Business

Many forget that wildfires like the Crown Fire also have a devastating financial impact on business. Commercial property damage is serious. Business owners face loss of revenue and loss of merchandise. Meanwhile their payroll expenses continue – as do their existing responsibilities to their clients.

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Commercial property owners often have trouble getting the proper attention they deserve from their insurance carrier. Many commercial property owners benefit from the assistance of a Public Insurance Adjuster. Business people in particular have the ability to understand the value of expertise.

Public Adjuster John Morgenstern solely represents the commercial business owner. There is no conflict of interest. Just a fair settlement. And those settlements are often 2-3 times greater than the insurance carrier’s ‘final’ offer.

“Wildfire damage to Commercial property  – in Palmdale, Lancaster or anywhere – can cripple and even destroy a lifetime of work and investment. My team is committed to making sure that does not happen to our clients,” said Public claims adjuster John Morgenstern.

Dramatic Video from the scene


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For immediate help (24/7) call: 1-800-602-9915