Filing A Property Damage Claim

Public Adjuster Image

Do you have property damageBusiness property damage, commercial property damage, industrial property damage, and even home property damage is something no one or corporation is ever totally exempt from.  Natural disasters happen. Things eventually wear out and break down over time.  Vandalism and theft happens.  This is one of the many reasons property owners and homeowners purchase insurance.

If your home, business or industrial property has been affected by property damage or especially  water damage, many try to sort through all of the confusion themselves often settling for less without knowing there is someone to help.  If you have found yourself in a situation where you have sustained damage to your property, a Public Adjuster is the first person you need to speak with.  Why?

First, let’s go over some of what is involved when damages occur.  You will need to contact an emergency contractor.  Before the contractor arrives you will need to take lots of pictures and give an extensive account of all details you observe from the damage, so write everything down!

You will need to go back over your insurance policy to ascertain what is and is not covered.  Some types of property damage is not covered by all insurance so you will need to make sure of which policy covers the specific damages you have sustained, and proceed according to the proper contact(s).  It is not uncommon for some types of insurance to require a rider.

Next you will have to make many phone calls and in many cases wait on hold for an extended amount of time, deal with voicemails, no call backs, and run arounds to name a few.  Also, be expected to receive low-ball offers from the insurance company once the claim is filed and processed.  Be wary of these.  Many will offer you a partial check that states in legal terms that by expecting the low payment that you are agreeing to payment in full by cashing that check, so be careful!  However, there is no need become any more frazzled then you may already be from the damage.  A Public Adjuster will not only file your claim, get processing underway, but also assist in coordinating any contractors that need to be involved as well as other aspects of your case.  This is our specialty. We will advise you on all aspects of your damages and claim. We work hard to not only get you a quick payment, but on average it is much higher than anything the policyholder would receive on their own.

Here at Priority Adjusters, we have the experience and education in dealing with insurance so there are no missteps.  We are  highly trained  as to how to report claims so that it gets open and filed right away.  A Public Adjuster does not get paid until you do, so there is no reason not to give us a call.  For more info you may contact us here.