Water Damage Insurance Tips

Be careful how you report water damage to your insurance company. While you must  be truthful, make sure you explain the situation using the most accurate language — or you could find your claim denied.

“The way you initiate your claim may impact the settlement, especially in water damage cases” says John Morgenstern, President of Priority Adjusters.”

“Most people describe a house full of water as “flooded”, right? Well, if it’s not the result of a “flood” you don’t want to use that term with your insurance company! Believe, me!”

A “flood” may not be covered at all, while your damage from a backed-up sewer line or from a burst pipe may be fully covered”. To your insurance company, flooding means that the water came from an overflow of a lake, stream, or river. If it didn’t, don’t even use the word “flood,” says John.

Best advice is to call an adjuster right away to get help filing the claim…and using the terms that are correct to assure your coverage is not limited.