Public Adjuster Explained

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Hi, I’m John Morgenstern, President of Priority Adjusters, the premier Public Adjuster in California.

You want your own attorney to advise you in legal matters. You want your own tax advisor to advise you in tax matters. You want your own Realtor to represent you in real estate transactions. You want your financial advisor to advise you on investments that are right for you.

In the same way, you’ll want a Public Adjuster to represent you in major insurance claims from losses of any kind.

Public Adjusters advocate on your behalf. They are intimately familiar with the coverage afforded by your policy AND with local building requirements AND with local building costs for labor and materials. They are involved in such claims every working day and use that experience to your advantage. They are unabashedly on YOUR side – with no allegiance to your insurance company.

Public adjusters perform five primary functions for you. They:

1. Review insurance policy coverage to insure up-to-date and complete reasonable coverage is in place

2. Coordinate emergency repairs and cleanup and advise on covered temporary accommodations

3. Suggest strategies for reducing damages

4. Recommend appropriate action to return your building or home to its pre-loss and current code-compliant condition

5. Ensure that you get a fair, reasonable and complete settlement – (fair, reasonable and complete from YOUR perspective, that is!)

In this complex and litigious world, a Public Adjuster, like your CPA, Attorney, Realtor and Financial Advisor, is a valuable member of your team.

Public Adjuster Insurance Hotline: