Hollywood Hills Fire Damage

Fire damage to a property is never a good experience.  Dependant on the amount of damage that the fire produces, it can be utterly devastating.  Many times unique and vintage heirlooms, various mementos, photos that serve as reminders of  priceless moments in life, and other irreplaceable items can be obliterated in seconds when a serious fire hits.  But when life is lost as a result of a fire it can send a blow to many simultaneously like no other.

That was recently the case with the Hollywood Hills Fire that hit a newly built mansion about one month ago in Hollywood Hills.  The mansion was slated be used for filming and shoots. The mansion was built for the next season of Heidi Klum’s reality show, Germany’s Next Top Model.  One issue that was raised was how swiftly the fire spread and how that relates to the details of the actual construction of the property.  Questions have been raised as to how swiftly the structure was put up.  Neighbors say they were amazed at how quickly the mansion was built.  Hollywood Hills neighbors reported that the three-story, 13,000 square foot mansion construction began at the end of Summer and finished before the Christmas holiday.  Whether or not the building was up to code is being investigated as a possible cause or contributor to the devastating fire that ensued.

As the fire blazed, a roof collapsed injuring six firefighters inside. One of those firefighters, was found on the scene not breathing when he was cut free of the wreckage. That firefighter, unfortunately died later.  Many condolences go out to the family and colleagues he left behind.

Fire damage can never be taken for granted.  One can never be certain as to the extent of damage one may sustain.  If you have experienced fire to your commercial building or residential home it is dire that you contact a professional who can make sure that you receive the proper settlement from your policy.  While some things will not be able to be replaced, there are many other things that can.  Many times the owner who tries to file the claim him/herself does not realize that he/she could have already potentially denied their claim by making very simple mistakes.  A public adjuster will also serve as the much needed second opinion in order to get the full amount from your policy approved.

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