Hollywood Fire Damage In The Synagogue

Building owners can never be to sure of the dangers that lurk. All the security in the world cannot guarantee that nothing will happen. Fire damage is a danger that can be prevalent at any time posed by anyone. But you may say, that is what insurance is for.  However, dealing with insurance companies can be entirely a different story. Check out this horrible incident that happened at a Synagogue in the Hollywood area.

Not more than a few days ago a transient set fire to the second floor of Temple Israel of Hollywood. Police are searching for a suspect for this fire in a prominent Hollywood synagogue. It has been ruled and identified as arson.

The fire damage is one that Los Angeles Fire Department has identified to be caused by arson. The fire was set in a classroom on the second floor of Temple Israel of Hollywood early on April 14. The suspect was caught on a security camera which so far is believed to be a neighborhood transient that frequents the area as stated by The Los Angeles Times.

Police say they have no reason to investigate the incident as a hate crime. Although, though Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge called it a hate crime, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal reported.

One week prior to this incident Santa Monica Chabad center and synagogue was targeted with a pipe bomb. A suspect in that incident was arrested in connection with that case.

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