Water Damage Side Effects More Than Just Property Damage

Water damage affects many each year and the cause of origin can be any number of things you can imagine.  Did you know that on average at least $12 million of water damage is the cause of headache and loss in California each year? Some of the most common causes are broken or frozen pipes, heavy rain and believe it or not, sprinkler systems! When this happens depending on the humidity and present weather conditions, mold can start growing in as quickly as 24-48 hours.  Mold will spread fast and cover areas thoroughly and extensively.

Seemingly small areas can appear easy to fix but there should be no delay in action of this process as there are many more dangers that should be considered.

Why does mold grow so fast, especially indoors? The reason is that elements such as wet wood and drywall, for instance, encourage growth of mold in humid environments.  Water and heat creates this humid environment making it a breeding ground for mold.

Once mold has grown in an area that has been damaged by water, it can cause various illnesses and unwanted symptoms, especially in susceptible individuals with lowered immune systems. Mold also attracts various insects such as dust mites that also thrive in these areas. Some of the health problems that are caused can be the direct attack mold launches on your immune system.  Dr. John T. Chiu of the Allergy Medical Group, Inc. outlines the dangers and effects that mold can have on his site here.  Dr. Chiu is an allergy expert and his expert testimony has been used in various legal matters concerning mold and the body’s reaction to mold.  Mold is a volatile organic compound that can irritate the respiratory system and entire immune system at various levels.  For many others, symptoms remain unknown.  He says that the prime reason for mold’s ability to inhabit the body as it does is due to the microbial nature of the bacteria strain.

“Genetically susceptible people often develop allergic reactions to these agents. The most frequently detected molds in these structures are Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Stachybotrys, but elevated spore counts of other mold species are often detected as well. Such measurements can be obtained through an environmental assessment firm usually headed by an industrial hygienist or a Ph.D. in microbiology.”

“Diseases such as bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, and occasionally hives (urticaria) are usually the consequence of allergic sensitization to the molds detected and/or house dust mite droppings.”

Please be careful when dealing with wet environments and do not deal with any mold you may encounter directly.  If you suspect mold please call a professional immediately. Public adjusters or Insurance Claims Adjuster can help you recover damages from water damaged areas in your home or building and coordinate restoration services so that your area can be cleaned and restored to proper conditions.

What To Look For In A Good Public Adjuster & What Is A Public Adjuster

While there are claims of what public adjusters can do for you, today we will also mention a bit about what they can’t do.   Public Adjusters can speed up claims processing and coordinate crucial services related to property restoration.  However, they cannot wave a wand and instantly solve all your problems immediately.  Certain aspects related to your claim may take more time than maybe Sara Jo’s claim, depending on the type of claim.  A public adjuster will save you valuable time and the chances of a claim filed by an adjuster as opposed to an individual tend to be much higher.  At the same time, there is no honest guarantee that the claim will be approved.  There are several elements of criteria that are used as assessment in your claim.  Because these factors vary from one spectrum to the other, processing time will also.  Victims of property damage  can get easily bombarded with the stress of trying to recover and reclaim balance after building damage,  fire damage, water damage, roof damage, or any other types of damage that befalls property owners such as vandalism.  That is where a public adjuster would help.  A good public adjuster can be a blessing in disguise or just another headache to the list.  The first thing you will want to do is make sure that he or she is licensed.  Licenses differ from state to state. You will want to make sure that the public adjuster is licensed for your state.  Adjusters can practice across multiple states but they will need a license for each state to do so.  Make sure your personal public adjuster is licensed and up to speed on the adjusting laws in your state.
It is important for public adjusters to not only be licensed but they should also have a level of computer competency.  He or she does not have to be a tech wiz but they should know their way around basic programs such as MS Word and how to do a simple search online.  In the world of technology there is information and transactions online that happen between insurance carriers.  Having  basic computer knowledge will go far in this regard.

Go with your instincts.  If your insurance adjuster seems that he/she can’t explain the process to you, is too pushy to get you to sign with him, or you feel unsure, you are probably are right.  Keep looking.  Public adjusters are business owner and property owner advocates.  You want someone sensitive to your issues and needs.  You also want someone who will efficiently handle your claims and work fast to get you what you need.

Important questions to ask:

  • What is the first step once we sign with you?
  • What type of delays should I expect?
  • How quickly will my claim be filed?
  • What is the average time frame to expect a settlement (nothing is in stone as each case is different, but if you know your adjuster has an idea, this can be helpful)
  • Who will be my point of contact for updates, etc. Is it you?
  • How soon (or often) will someone follow up with me?
  • Will I be kept abreast of changes in my case? If so, how? US Postal Mail, Email, phone?

A public adjuster should have keen information related to insurance claims help request such as what will be the estimate cost required to recover from physical damage, cost to build up a new roof, or any to the property for which a claim is being made. A public  adjuster’s job is to become the bridge between the insurance holder and the insurance firm. A public adjuster acts  on your behalf to carry out work from start to  finish until you, the owner, gets the appropriate claim amount. Many states keep regular test to renew the license so that the adjuster is equipped to handle the entire situation coming in the insurance industry.

Public adjusters can really make their value felt by the time the owner is saved as well as the insight that only adjusters have in dealing with insurance companies.   If you have sustained damage to your office building, are a victim of vandalism, or your home property has been devastated, things like relocation, and property restoration are things that can be overwhelming to set up.  Not to mention, you will still have to worry about your insurance carrier of whom I assure will try to undervalue your damage to their benefit.

If you have sustained damage to your building or residential property, call 310-890-8224. You can also contact us on the form to the right of this page.

We at Priority Adjusters will make your claim our “top” Priority.

Public Adjuster Explained

Public Adjuster Insurance Hotline:

Hi, I’m John Morgenstern, President of Priority Adjusters, the premier Public Adjuster in California.

You want your own attorney to advise you in legal matters. You want your own tax advisor to advise you in tax matters. You want your own Realtor to represent you in real estate transactions. You want your financial advisor to advise you on investments that are right for you.

In the same way, you’ll want a Public Adjuster to represent you in major insurance claims from losses of any kind.

Public Adjusters advocate on your behalf. They are intimately familiar with the coverage afforded by your policy AND with local building requirements AND with local building costs for labor and materials. They are involved in such claims every working day and use that experience to your advantage. They are unabashedly on YOUR side – with no allegiance to your insurance company.

Public adjusters perform five primary functions for you. They:

1. Review insurance policy coverage to insure up-to-date and complete reasonable coverage is in place

2. Coordinate emergency repairs and cleanup and advise on covered temporary accommodations

3. Suggest strategies for reducing damages

4. Recommend appropriate action to return your building or home to its pre-loss and current code-compliant condition

5. Ensure that you get a fair, reasonable and complete settlement – (fair, reasonable and complete from YOUR perspective, that is!)

In this complex and litigious world, a Public Adjuster, like your CPA, Attorney, Realtor and Financial Advisor, is a valuable member of your team.

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