Santa Clarita Fires

Santa Clarita is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, California. The size and heat of Santa Clarita create perfect conditions for a rapid moving fire. Its dry and sprawling hills in particular makes many residents vulnerable to fire damage. Located 35 north of downtown Los Angeles, Santa Clarita has a history of fires that have wiped out entire homes and businesses. The communities of Santa Clarita (Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, and Valencia) all have had run-ins with large wildfires that threaten property damage.

With the beautiful Southern California sun comes the risk of fire damage for many residents and businesses across Los Angeles County. Southern California fires are an unfortunate reality that affect millions every year, including fires in Santa Clarita. In the wake of a fire, many residents and commercial businesses are at risk for property damage. The fire does not need to be inside a house to incur damages; smoke can damage property significantly as well. Make sure you’re paid the proper amount for your fire damage claim in the event of a large scale fire with the help of an experienced public adjuster.

There are several aspects that go into a fire damage claim. As a Los Angeles public adjuster for the past couple decades, I’ve seen first hand companies short change clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fire damage claims. Insurance companies seek out loopholes to ensure they pay out as little as possible. Having a public adjuster step in to negotiate these claims is a smart step towards maximizing your fire damage claim.


As each case is unique, a phone call is necessary to determine the extent of damage and evaluate the type of insurance you have in place. Priority Adjusters offers free phone call consultations regarding fire damage (and all forms of property damage) to determine if there’s more to your claim than the insurance company is initially willing to cover. We leverage our extensive experience and knowledge in insurance claim adjustments to make sure you’re paid as much as possible during such a devastating experience. You have enough to worry about in times like these. Let us fight for your rights to full compensation for fire damage claims.

As a latest example of fire damage, a fast moving brush fire ravaged through Santa Clarita, California in June of 2015. The brush fire broke out north of the 14 Freeway nearby Calgrove Blvd. Close to 400 acres were in flames. Los Angeles County Fire, with the help of other emergency services, were on-scene within minutes. Up to 450 firefighters worked tirelessly to contain the blaze.


It is clear that several homes and businesses were the victim of fire damage that took place in June of 2015. Schools and neighborhoods were asked to evacuate in the wake of the smoke. Evacuation areas included La Salle Canyon and the Crescent Valley Mobile Home Park. Close to 1,000 residents of Santa Clarita were asked to evacuate as a smoke advisory was issued by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Air drops were used over the Calgrove Fire to protect the housing along The Old Road. CHP closed southbound and northbound lanes of I-5 as they battled the flames.

With Santa Clarita’s arid environment, it’s possible that similar fires of this scale can break out in the future. These areas and others can maximize their fire damage claim by having a public adjuster in their corner. Find out today if you’re eligible for more coverage of your Los Angeles fire damage claim by calling Priority Adjusters at (310) 890-8224.