San Bruno Fire Investigation Panel

BY: John Morgenstern

San Bruno explosion and fire damage insurance claims will be impacted by an important decision this week, by the CA Public Utilities Commission.

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Facing intense pressure from neighborhood, community and state leaders, the California Public Utilities Commission ordered convening of an independent investigative panel to review all aspects of the explosion and resulting fire that killed seven and injured nearly 50 others. Over 35 buildings were destroyed in the fire.

PG&E was ordered to fund the panel. Additionally, PG&E was ordered to make all their employees “available to be interviewed by investigators” and to preserve all records related to the safety of the line involved.

The investigative panel will be formed over the next sixty days.

This panel will be highly scrutinized as there is the uneasy feeling that other pipelines in the state may be just as potentially deadly. The safety processes (including testing, records, etc) will be closely scrutinized to determine what caused the explosion and how it might have been prevented. No doubt, the panel results will influence the final insurance claims and settlements.

For now, Priority Adjusters and many other Public Adjuster firms are redoubling their efforts on behalf of San Bruno residents. Helping get initial claims processed in order to get lives “back to normal” as soon as possible. Says John Morgenstern, President of Priority Adjusters, “We are interested in the panel and the investigation, of course. but for now we are focused now on helping the people of San Bruno get fair initial settlements fast so that they can start rebuilding right away.”

San Bruno map of disaster area:

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