Roof Damage Insurance Claims

A leaky roof cannot be ignored or put off for very long.   It will need to be fixed or replaced quickly to prevent other trouble to the remainder of your home, building or business property.

So whom should be the first point of contact? The first contact should be with your public adjuster, not with a hired insurance adjuster working for your insurance carrier.  Once you contact your public adjuster, he/she will need to make an appointment with you to view and help assess the damage, estimate of loss, and any other related cost such as those associated with restoration services and clean-up.  Let a professionally licensed public adjuster advise of your next steps.

It is vital that the claim is filed properly.  Otherwise, if not, it could result in a quickly denied claim.  Once a claim has been denied it is much harder and more complicated to handle as opposed to a properly submitted claim from the initial onset of damages.

Based on the insurance company’s policy, the monies may be remitted in advance or following the roofing work that is completed. If the funds are held until such time as completion, your public adjuster will help deliver the proper paper work to the insurance carrier for remaining expenditures.

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Our goal is to obtain payment as quickly as possible from your carrier that we think they should pay for your property loss that conforms to what your policy requires!