Homeowners Insurance Claims

When you have a Homeowners Claim, the representation of a Public Insurance Adjuster ensures you maximize your homeowner claim settlement and are able to restore your property back to new.

We have assisted dozens and dozens of property owners over the years with favorable results above and beyond what they were able to accomplish on their own. We are Southern California’s leading public adjuster and adjusting firm. The insurance company has their own independent adjusters, most of which do not have the training, experience or know-how possessed by Priority Adjusters.

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The major difference between our Public Adjuster and other Public Adjusters is the fact that we base each and everything we do on customer service. If we are unable to provide the adequate service that our clients deserve we are doing them a disservice. We also don’t get paid until the claim is complete. We have successfully and consistently collected funds for hundreds of clients over the years. On individual claims, we are often successful at collecting thousands and – not uncommonly – tens of thousands of dollars. Even a 5 minute phone call or two using our services has resulted in a carrier changing their mind on the spot and issuing a check for an additional $100,000 plus!

We also provide emergency restoration and have a network of thousands of skilled vendors to help you restore your property and fix your property damage.

By contacting Priority Adjusters right away it will help speed up the claim settlement process and add securities such as documentation of cause and origin of the loss.

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It is our goal to obtain the payment from your carrier that we think they should pay for your property loss, as it conforms to what your policy requires, and as quickly as possible!