Kern County Wildfires Insurance Settlement

CA Public Adjuster:

In July, 2010 Wildfires raged through east Kern County.

One fire near Tehachapi, CA, destroyed more than 20 structures. Meanwhile, another fire burned in the Sequoia National Forest.

In the days after the fires, many property owners turned to Public Insurance Adjuster John Morgenstern to help them get the maximum property insurance settlement possible.

So, why a Public Adjuster? Public Adjusters work only for you, the property owner.

In some cases, Public Adjusters achieve settlements more than triple the ffer from insurance.

“Big settlements are great but the real value is in helping folks get back their lives and livelihoods,” said P.A. John Morgenstern.

Call now to learn if a public adjuster is right for you. For a limited time, Bull Fire & West Fire victims qualify for a free consultation.

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