Insurance Claim aid for San Bruno Victims

San Bruno, CA – Sept 10: (Public Adjuster News Service) Priority Adjusters Inc scrambled its emergency response team immediately upon news of the heartbreaking tragedy in San Bruno, CA. On Sept 9th a massive natural gas explosion tore apart the normally tranquil neighborhood located near San Francisco. Claims adjusters with Priority Adjusters are available on scene now and into the foreseeable future.

Helpline for San Bruno property insurance claims:
800-602-9915 (24/7)

Priority Adjusters mobile disaster response team assists homeowners who suffered partial or complete property loss from the San Bruno Natural Gas Explosion.

“Priority Adjusters diverted our Los Angeles emergency response efforts to San Bruno immediately. Our Insurance Adjusters assist homeowners regardless of their insurance carrier. As Public Insurance Adjusters our job is to advocate solely on behalf of the property owner – we don’t work for the insurance company. I believe that having an experienced insurance negotiator working solely on behalf of victims is critical,” said Priority Adjusters Inc. President John Morgenstern.Morgenstern San Bruno emergency response team had previously been assisting homeowners who suffered loss in the California Wildfires.

Helpline for San Bruno property insurance claims:
800-602-9915 (24/7)

The American Red Cross established an emergency shelter located in San Bruno at 251 City Park Way at Crystal Springs Road.  The shelter is providing food, shelter and supplies for pets to evacuees. California Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado has proclaimed a State of Emergency for the City of San Bruno.  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has authorized the use of federal funds to help the state of California fight the San Bruno Fire in San Mateo County.

Homeowners (claimants) may also contact Priority Adjusters directly at the company’s San Bruno Hotline at (800) 602-9915.  Priority Adjusters offers San Bruno homeowners the following tips for maximizing and speeding their insurance claims:

Preparing to file a claim:

  • Gather all important insurance documentation, if possible. But do not risk entering potentially dangerous or damaged structures in order to recover these documents.
  • Do not clean or move damages items.
  • Call a public insurance adjuster prior to calling your insurance company or filing a claim. (This should be a free consult and is critical to maximize your settlement).

Do NOT under any circumstances:

  • File your claim or contact your insurance company before consulting a Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Forgo a consult with a Public Adjuster (even if you have already filed your property insurance claim)
  • Forget to investigate if your insurance covers temporary housing and other emergency services

Helpline for San Bruno property insurance claims:
800-602-9915 (24/7)

Other Emergency Resources:

City of San Bruno
Red Cross / Red Cross Safe & Well
California Volunteers

About Priority Adjusters:

Priority Adjusters was created by John Morgenstern after he witnessed firsthand the suffering of good hardworking folks who received woefully inadequate insurance settlement. Priority Adjusters can be reached at 800-602-9915.


Current News from San Bruno:

  • San Mateo County has activated their Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to provide support for this incident.
  • Fire declared 100 percent contained at 7:30pm on Sept. 11 after burning 15 acres.
  • 37 structures have been destroyed, 8 have been damaged.
  • There are 56 reported injuries.
  • San Mateo County Coroner has confirmed four (4) fatalities
  • A Local Assistance Center has been established at 251 City Park Way, San Bruno. Hours of operation will be 9:00am-7:00pm.
  • Per the American Red Cross (ARC) affected persons are being advised to either go to the Veterans Center to complete a Safe and Well form which will be placed on the ARC Website for family members to check. Residents may also go to the website and enter their information directly or look for information about others. The website can be located at:
  • The City of San Bruno, US Small Business Administration (SBA), FEMA, and Cal EMA will begin an official joint preliminary damage assessment on Monday to determine eligibility for federal assistance.