Yul G.

“We felt we were significantly underpaid [by our insurance coverage] and wanted a second opinion. Priority Adjusters revised the estimate of damage cost occurrence and were able to recover $3,421.36 more for our benefit. Priority Adjusters are absolutely brilliant in their profession and I will recommend them to all my friends and contacts.”

Parvaneh S.

“I hired Priority Adjusters to avoid dealing with insurance companies directly. [Priority Adjusters] managed to act like my agent. I did not even show up when insurance adjuster examined the damaged area. If someone is considering hiring Priority Adjusters, I would say for sure do it. You will save you’re self a lot of headache.

T. McGuire

“I was very comfortable with [Prioirity Adjuster’s] knowledge and explanation of what to expect with my insurance company. Insurance companies usually try to cut corners on cost, but Priority Adjusters got us more money than the insurance company was offering. I would contact them before contacting my insurance company for best results.”