Commercial Property Damage

commercial-property-public-adjusterCommercial property damage requires immediate and aggressive attention from Priority Adjuster President John Morgenstern.

Commercial Adjuster Hotline: 800-602-9915

Public Adjuster Portrait
Mr. Morgenstern, President Priority Adjusters

For a business owner, when disaster strikes the structural damages may be just one of your concerns.

“Unless these claims are pursued aggressively and immediately there is a serious risk that a business will never reopen following a disaster,” says Mr. Morgenstern. “Often within hours, structural engineers, forensic accountants and others may need to be deployed.”

Priority Adjusters assists businesses in recovering loss due to:

  • Business interruption
  • Relocation expenses
  • Inventory loss or damage
  • Loss of rents
  • Increased business costs

Beyond recovering losses, commercial clients need to resolve insurance matters quickly in order to minimize the impact on the day-to-day business operations.

Commercial Property Public Adjuster Hotline: 800-602-9915

Priority Adjusters  plays a powerful role in getting your business back to “business as usual”, including:

  • Speedy resumption of normal business operations
  • Completing valuations of all building, business, inventory and consequential losses (incl. replacement/repair costs, depreciation factors, actual cash value, etc.)
  • Preparing a detailed Business Interruption Analysis for you (see below)
  • Limiting uninsured losses while maximizing insurance reimbursement
  • Minimizing lost business opportunities, and protecting  market share
  • Carrying the burden of preparing all claims
  • Serving as your advocate at all inspections and meetings with your insurance company
  • Enabling management team to focus to serving employees and customers


What to do if disaster strikes

Call Priority Adjusters immediately. John and his team will be on-scene promptly to help you make sense of what usually is a pretty chaotic situation. Few business owners or managers are used to dealing with sudden catastrophic losses. John will:

  • Walk you through Priority Adjusters Fast-Response Checklist, which helps restore order and minimize potential losses from any overlooked items.
  • review with you the extent of the loss, existing policies in place, and the insurance companies and claims processes involved
  • offer short and long-term recommendations for managing the entire recovery process

Our services include coordinating with specialists in all areas of reconstruction, including finance, disaster management, construction, legal, and insurance claims processing. We coordinate the effort for optimal outcomes.

Commercial Property Public Adjuster Hotline: 800-602-9915

Business Interruption Coverage

When it comes to Business Interruption Coverage, you likely have what is called Gross Earnings Coverage. This typically provides for loss of gross earnings you would have achieved had the insured damage not occurred, and it is  based on the length of time needed to repair or replace the damaged or destroyed property with  “due diligence and dispatch”. In order to determine the actual loss sustained for this part of your claim, our team analyses the following:

  1. Reconstruction projections & schedule
  2. Production and sales forecasts for the period
  3. Actual experience and trends of the business before, during and after the period
  4. Net sales value of products and services impacted – sales margins/prices vs costs
  5. Discontinuing fixed charges that are incurred, like inventory liquidation, etc.
  6. Additional maintenance work required in conjunction with reconstruction
  7. Use of alternative facilities or inventory or subcontractors to minimize losses
  8. Additional expenses incurred to reduce indemnity period, or lost production or sales
  9. Any overlap with the physical damage claim and coverage

The area that often is a challenge in a business interruption calculation is the projection of the probable experience of the business during the indemnity period. This projection must take into consideration all factors that may have affected the client’s business if no damage to the insured property had occurred. We work with you to actually reflect all aspects in your Business Interruption Claim.

Commercial Property Public Adjuster Hotline: 800-602-9915