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Welcome. My name is John Morgenstern, California’s Premier Public Insurance Adjuster.

I am proud to have helped many homeowners and business owners get the insurance settlements they deserved from various property damage and commercial property damages that have been sustained.  Believe me, it’s never  the settlement offered by Big Insurance!

Of course each of my success stories began with a heartbreaking loss – a home damaged, property destroyed, a business ruined and  tragically, sometimes even lives lost.

It’s during these difficult times I often meet property owners  – like you – for the very first time. Many folks tell me they are  overwhelmed, vulnerable, angry and unsure whom to trust. Does  this describe you? My heart goes out to you and your family. It’s  important you know you can pick up the phone this very minute and call me. I would consider it an honor to stand with you and help take some of that weight off your shoulders.

You see, my sole responsibility is to advocate for you. My job  description is that simple. I fight for you!

Meanwhile, Big Insurance continues the ridiculous charade of pretending to care about anyone or anything – other than their windfall profits.

I fight for you because I believe you simply deserve better. The folks I help work hard, they look after their loved ones and often they spent years  dutifully sending Big Insurance Co. their hard-earned money, month  after month. Don’t you think it’s time you got what you paid for? I do.  But please understand Big Insurance has a very different agenda.

That deceit and corporate greed sickens me, frankly. I believe that combating  these tactics and fighting for property owners is simply the right thing to do.  I’ve dedicated my life to standing up to Big Insurance on behalf of property owners like you who deserve money enough to properly rebuild – not patch!

I’ve been called the Top Gun Public Adjuster for my tireless efforts to force insurance companies to increase their payouts 20, 30 and even 100% higher than the ‘full and final’ offer. That recognition is flattering and over delivering  for property owners is gratifying. But at the end of the day, it’s not about me  or the enormous settlements I have negotiated.

For me, it is about the people (not a claim number). It’s about making good on a contract, keeping our promises and reaching out a hand to folks in need.

My name is John Morgenstern and these are my core values and beliefs. This is what I bring to the table and why I’ll tirelessly fight for you. Call me now at 800-602-9915 (24/7).

Your ‘Top Gun’ Public Insurance Adjuster,

California Public Adjuster

John Morgenstern
Because you deserve more…

Call me now at 323-716-5911 (24/7)

P.S. At first, everyone has questions, fears and concerns. That is absolutely normal.  After all, much is at stake and your family is counting on you. So do not hesitate, pick up the phone and call me now at 800-602-9915 (24/7). If possible, I’ll take your call myself. We can talk about the specifics of your situation and I will give you  suggestions on how best to proceed. There is no cost, no obligation and of course  never a hint of pressure. I look forward to your call.  If you have any type of residential, commercial, or property damage it is important that you  don’t wait too long.  With so much hanging in the balance it is critical that you pick up the phone and  call me now at 323-716-5911 (24/7).