Building Water Damage Claims

There are numerous scenarios and elements that can make a building owner vulnerable to building damage.  Of course, all business should take certain measures to prevent damage in the event water enters the space from a pipe break, leak or other source.   But one obvious but easily missed problem are items on the floor.  The  top floor and basement areas would be more prone to water coming from the outside due to building leaks, pipe breaks, roof leaks so it is important to keep important items that can be permanently damaged and hard to replace off the floor.  This can happen throughout the building from sprinkler systems and plumbing as well. So be sure to keep equipment and materials off the ground to prevent potential loss of those items where at all possible.  This will and make clean-up much easier and not to mention faster.  Below are bulleted lists of top things to do for prevention, and subsequent clean-up tips should you sustain building water damage.


  1. Do NOT store paper, boxes, or other porous  materials on the floor.
  2. Make sure Public Safety has current contact information for your space, if a water incursion occurs at night or on the weekend.
  3. Raise all computers and other electronic equipment off the floor. CPU Platforms can be purchased  commercially.
  4. Be sure to report any evidence of leaks to immediately your public adjuster.  Existing clients call  310-890-8224 24hrs/day
  5. Make sure you turn off your computer at the end of the work day. Believe it or not more serious damage occurs when the computer is on.


  1. To lower risk of mold and damage, wet areas and materials should be dried within 24 – 48 hours. (The sooner the better!)
  2. If you need a public adjuster, Priority Adjusters can help.  Call us immediately and we will respond immediately.  We can advise you on next steps. We will get restoration services and all necessary clean up services underway to your office so that you can worry about returning your building to a fully functional business.   (Read here to find out why you need a public adjuster as opposed to the one your insurance carrier hires and why it is important we file for you from the beginning! It is crucial to the approval of your claim.  Read here to find out more.)
  3. Wet vacs and extractors are used to remove water from the floor and carpet, and dehumidifiers and fans placed in the area. In some cases wet surfaces, such as dry wall and carpet, may need to be removed.

Don’t forget to open the windows and keep interior business doors open to increase air circulation, if the outside air is dry, meaning low humidity.  Leave dehumidifiers on overnight. Units shut off when full, so you don’t need to worry about overflow.  Identify wet papers or other porous materials and either.  You will want to remove papers from boxes, file drawers, piles and spread out to dry.  Next, copy wet papers and discard originals unless it is imperative you keep those originals depending on the nature of your business and its requirements.

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